Action potential analysis plugin

This product requires installation of CESE Plus 2.0.1 or above.

Analyze evoked or spontaneous action potentials with ease using this CESE Plus plugin. The powerful analysis selectors and online preview panel allow you to set the exact analysis settings and see the results immediately. Then, with the click of a button, analysis results are plotted in the data view window.

Action potential analysis plugin interface.
Action potential analysis plugin interface.

Features of Action potential analysis plugin

AP detection region.
Select what part of the source trace to analyze. Full trace, or areas between cursors 1-2 or 3-4 can be selected. Change the cursor position and see the analysis results update instantly in the preview.

AP threshold selector.
Select the AP threshold and end of AP repolarization level. Preview is updated while you are making adjustments to help you select optimal settings. The threshold detection is robust to account for baseline changes and can accurately detect cardiac and neuronal APs.

AP analysis types.
Analysis types can be turned on or off. Preview panel helps you to verify that analysis is done properly.

APD measurement.
APDs are measured at 5 configurable levels for unmatched flexibility.

AP triangulation.
AP triangulation can be determined from any 2 APD levels.

Preview panel.
Preview panel provides all the flexibility of CESE Plus data view window, including zooming and measurement with cursors.

Analysis results.
Once all the analysis settings are selected and previewed, a click on OK button adds the results to the source data view window. Then, results can be exported to the file, or printed.


Action potential analysis plugin price: USD$350.00