CESE Plus 2.0 is the newest platform available for electrophysiology simulation. Based upon the popular CESE OSS platform, we have enhanced the performance, solver capacity, and usability of the system. In addition, with its expandable architecture and applications for non-cardiac systems, the CESE Plus simulation environment is positioned to be the the system of choice for all cell electrophysiologists performing the most demanding research.

Features of CESE Plus 2.0

  • Intuitive interface with features expected in modern electrophysiology software.
  • Powerful and robust model solver improves simulation accuracy.
  • Support for plugins and extensions.
  • Expanded data visualization options.
  • Split-screen display to enable side-by-side comparison of multiple experiments runs, outputs, and models.
  • Enhanced cursors for improved data selection, notation, and analysis.
  • Allows for the importation of traces in MS Excel, Axon Text File (ATF), ASCII, or NetCDF format.
  • Improved options to cut, paste, and export results and views for subsequent reporting or analysis.
  • Optional Windows/Linux look and feel.
  • Includes 5 basic cell models adapted to the Enhanced Simucore Model Library.
  • Expanded tutorials and help files.

Read the detailed description of CESE Plus features.

Take a brief video tour of CESE Plus 2.0!

CESE Plus interface.
CESE Plus interface.


CESE Plus 2.0 price: USD$1,500.00

CESE platform and models require JDK/JRE version 1.5 (5.0) or above. Visit java.com to download and install Java Runtime for your system.