Open Source CESE (CESE OSS) is an open, freely-available project, developed under the terms of GNU GPL2.

CESE OSS is hosted at sourceforge.net . Since its inception, versions of CESE OSS have been downloaded more than 5000 times. As a first generation project, it has basic support for electrophysiology simulations and is tailored for scientific computer software developers. The project is supported by open source community, and is not designed for those seeking to incorporate simulations into their daily electrophysiology research.

The CESE Plus platform was developed with general usability in mind and is fully supported by Simulogic.

CESE OSS interface.
CESE OSS interface.

Features of CESE OSS

  • Data visualization - graphic or tabulated form.
  • Includes 5 basic cell models.
  • Includes first generation model solver.
  • Rudimentary statistical analysis.
  • Data can be exported to ASCII, Axon Text File (ATF), and NetCDF formats to continue analysis in your favorite package.

Important limitations to CESE OSS

  • Available model cost is higher.
  • No data import for comparison of simulations with experimental data.
  • Less robust equation solver.
  • No plugins and extended features.
  • No support is provided by Simulogic.
  • Does not support second-generation Simucore models.


Download CESE OSS.

CESE platform and models require JDK/JRE version 1.5 (5.0) or above. Visit java.com to download and install Java Runtime for your system.