Canine Ventricular HR04-ESM

Enhanced Simucore Model Based Upon: Hund-Rudy Model of Canine Ventricular Cardiac Action Potentials, 2004; v. 2.0


Example action potential (BCL = 400 ms).
Example action potential (BCL = 400 ms).

The model is used to simulate canine ventricular action potentials. It is similar to Luo-Rudy II guinea-pig ventricular model but includes two transient-outward currents (Ito1 and Ito2), late Na+ current (INaL), and Cl--dependent background current and transporters. The Ca2+ handling was updated and includes Ca2+/calmodulin dependent protein kinase (CaMKII) Ca2+ binding and restricted Ca2+ subspace formulation.

Abstract excerpt: "A novel theoretical model of the canine ventricular epicardial action potential and calcium cycling was developed and used to investigate ionic mechanisms underlying Ca2+ transient (CaT) and action potential duration (APD) rate dependence. The Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase (CaMKII) regulatory pathway was integrated into the model, which included a novel Ca2+-release formulation, Ca2+ subspace, dynamic chloride handling, and formulations for major ion currents based on canine ventricular data."


  • Hund TJ, Rudy Y.
    Rate dependence and regulation of action potential and calcium transient in a canine cardiac ventricular cell model.
    Circulation. 2004 Nov 16;110(20):3168-74.
    PMID: 15505083