Human Atrial CRN98-ESM

Enhanced Simucore Model Based Upon: Courtemanche, Ramirez, Nattel Model of Human Atrial Cardiac Action Potentials, 1998; v. 2.0


Example action potential (BCL = 400 ms).
Example action potential (BCL = 400 ms).

This model simulates human atrial action potentials. The model formulation is based on Luo-Rudy II guinea-pig ventricular model with currents modified to mimic the configuration of human atrial action potential.

Abstract excerpt: "Using specific formulations of the K+, Na+, and Ca2+ currents based on data recorded from human atrial myocytes, along with representations of pump, exchange, and background currents, we developed a mathematical model of the AP. The model AP resembles APs recorded from human atrial samples and responds to rate changes, L-type Ca2+ current blockade, Na+/Ca2+ exchanger inhibition, and variations in transient outward current amplitude in a fashion similar to experimental recordings."


  • Courtemanche M, Ramirez RJ, Nattel S.
    Ionic mechanisms underlying human atrial action potential properties: insights from a mathematical model.
    Am J Physiol. 1998 Jul;275(1 Pt 2):H301-21.
    PMID: 9688927