Frog Striated Muscle ACH70-ESM

Enhanced Simucore Model Based Upon: Adrian, Chandler, Hodgkin Model of Action Potentials in Striated Muscle Cells, 1970; v. 2.0


Example action potential (BCL = 50 ms).
Example action potential (BCL = 50 ms).

This model simulates action potentials in frog striated muscle. The model is based on Hodgkin-Huxley type equations.

Abstract excerpt: "Reconstructions of ionic currents were made in terms of the parameters (m, n, h) of the Hodgkin-Huxley model for the squid axon, using constants which showed a similar dependence on voltage. Propagated action potentials and conduction velocities were computed for various conditions on the assumption that the T system behaves as if it were a series resistance and capacity in parallel with surface capacity and the channels for sodium, potassium and leak current. There was reasonable agreement with observed values, the main difference being that the calculated velocities and rates of rise were somewhat less than those observed experimentally."


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