Human Ventricular TP06-SM

Simucore Model Based Upon: ten Tusscher-Panfilov Model of Human Ventricular Cardiac Action Potentials, 2006; v. 1.4


Example action potential (BCL = 400 ms).
Example action potential (BCL = 400 ms).

This model simulates human ventricular action potentials. This is a modified version of ten Tusscher, Noble, Panfilov 2004 model that reformulates Ca2+ current and adds reduced version of the Markov-state ryanodine receptor model.

Abstract excerpt: "In this manuscript we study the conditions for alternans and spiral breakup in human cardiac tissue. Therefore, we develop a new version of our human ventricular cell model, which is based on recent experimental measurements of human APD restitution and includes a more extensive description of intracellular calcium dynamics."


  • Ten Tusscher KH, Panfilov AV.
    Alternans and spiral breakup in a human ventricular tissue model.
    Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2006 Sep;291(3):H1088-100.
    PMID: 16565318