Simulogic and Ion Channel Media Group introduce a mathematical model distribution platform for drug discovery

Simulogic ( and Ion Channel Media Group ( have announced a partnership to distribute electrophysiological cell models to aid researchers in drug development efforts. Using the open-source CESE platform, cellular models can be easily manipulated to perform proof-of-concept simulations of the effects of drugs upon cardiac and neuronal cellular activity.

Montreal (PRWEB) October 18, 2005 -- Ion Channel Media Group Ltd. -- Privately held corporations Simulogic Inc. ( and Ion Channel Media Group Ltd. ( have partnered to distribute detailed cellular mathematical models which will aid industry and academic scientists in their drug discovery efforts. The models describe for example, how heart cells control their electrical activity and calcium concentration in the face of changes in cellular conditions, which may lead to undesirable consequences such as arrhythmias or unstable heart rhythms.

The models are based upon the work of prominent cardiovascular scientists and are rewritten for distribution on the popular and freely available open source platform Cellular Electrophysiology Simulation Environment (CESE - This Java-based platform facilitates model development and experimentation by giving the researcher the ability to change any number of the many parameters which can describe the activity of a heart or brain cell in order to predict the effect of drugs upon cellular electrical activity.

"Mathematical models are very important in both the early and late stages of drug development. In early stages, mathematical models can provide invaluable 'proof-of-concept' which often forms the rationale behind a drug discovery program. In later stages of drug discovery, modeling can help illustrate important features of a drug which can help in the development process. We are pleased to have partnered with Simulogic to distribute these models to academic and industry researchers." said CEO of Ion Channel Media Group, Christian Hesketh.

As new models are developed, they will be available through the Ion Channel Media Group product offering catalog located at

About Simulogic Inc.: Simulogic is a privately held bioinformatics company located in Halifax, Canada. Simulogic develops and supports state of the art models of cardiac and neuronal cell electrical activity and offers additional training and support for model users. Contact: Sergey Missan Ph.D., e-mail protected from spam bots, +1-902-497-8206.

About Ion Channel Media Group: Ion Channel Media Group is a privately held biotechnology advertising and publishing group located in Montreal, Canada. Product offerings include targeted biotechnology advertising and email distributions, career advancement and hiring products as well as search engine optimization and marketing services. Contact: J. Christian Hesketh M.Sc., e-mail protected from spam bots or phone: +1(514)245-8107.


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