Simulogic Inc. and Enamine Ltd. entered into marketing agreement to distribute cardiac electrical activity simulation platform

Simulogic Inc. (Canada), the premiere developer of electrophysiology simulation software, today announced an agreement with Enamine Ltd. (Ukraine) to co-market and distribute Simulogic's CESE platform. This arrangement will accelerate Simulogic's exposure to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry and increase market reach for its products.

Halifax, NS (PRWEB) July 25, 2007 -- Simulogic Inc. -- Privately-held companies Simulogic Inc ( and Enamine Ltd. ( have entered into agreement to co-market and distribute cardiac simulation platform Cellular Electrophysiology Simulation Environment (CESE - Simulogic's CESE is a research tool that allows scientists in the academic community and pharmaceutical industry to perform computer simulations of cardiac myocyte electrical activity. Using the open-source CESE platform, cellular models can be easily manipulated to perform proof-of-concept simulations of the effects of drugs upon cardiac action potentials and ionic currents. Simulogic Inc. provides a mathematical basis for the interpretation of experimental data and insight into the mechanisms regulating ionic channels to bolster the formulation of scientific theories. Simulogic Inc. also provides an effective platform to predict the pro-arrhythmogenicity of drug-like compounds.

The Simulogic Inc. electrophysiology models are based upon the work of prominent scientists and are rewritten for distribution with the popular and freely available open source platform CESE. This Java-based platform facilitates model development and experimentation by giving the researcher the ability to change any number of the many parameters which can influence the activity of a heart cell in order to predict the effect of drugs upon cellular electrical activity. Experimental parameters such as ionic concentrations, temperature, and voltage clamp and current clamp protocols are readily and easily changeable in Simulogic's user-friendly CESE platform.

There are more than 120 known drugs that exhibit arrhythmogenic effects on the heart. More specifically, they affect the so-called QT interval which represents ventricular repolarization, a process that is determined by the duration of the cardiac action potential. The repolarization is the net result of the activities of many membrane ion channels and transporters. When ventricular repolarization is delayed and the QT interval is prolonged, there is an increased risk of ventricular tachyarrhythmia, including torsade de pointes leading to sudden cardiac death. Dr. Chicuong La, co-developer and manager of Simulogic Inc. believes that the use of Simulogic's simulation platform offers a unique and invaluable tool to screen drug-like compounds for their possible arrhythmogenic effects. Our software will allow the clients to investigate and profile the drug candidates during pre-clinical development stage to determine whether they are a risk to produce QT prolongation.

"We are thrilled to have a partnership with Enamine. Enamine is one of the leading companies with expertise in the synthesis of small drug-like compounds and has one of the largest collections of screening compounds and targeted libraries. With its great reputation and extensive client base we believe that Enamine is well-positioned to help us better reach the biotech and pharmaceutical companies", said Dr. Sergey Missan, founder and CEO of Simulogic Inc.

Enamine Ltd. is a diversified provider of discovery chemistry for pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry needs. The main line of the company activity is organic compound synthesis for screening. Enamine currently has a collection of 830,000 ready-to-order compounds and it is a leader in the use of chemical informatics and bioinformatics software. Besides production of screening compounds, Enamine has earned a reputation as a leading provider of a number of chemistry services, including synthesis of analogues, custom synthesis, and development of targeted libraries. Contact:

Simulogic Inc. is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The company develops electrophysiology simulation software, which is licensed to and used in the conduct of ion channel research by academic researchers and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Simulogic Inc. develops and supports state of the art models of cardiac and neuronal cell electrical activity and offers additional training and support for model users. Contact: Sergey Missan Ph.D., e-mail, +1-902-497-8206.