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Simulogic Inc. develops, distributes, and supports simulation software systems for basic and applied electrophysiology research. Simulogic products are designed to help the academic researcher, the HTS discovery scientist, and the physiology student to perform simulations of cell electrical activity using state of the art computer models and powerful simulation environments.

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CESE Plus platform plugins
HEKA Stimulus Plugin CESE Plus platform functionality can be tremendously expanded with the help of plugins. Action potential analysis plugin allows you to analyze properties of evoked or spontaneous action potentials. HEKA stimulus plugin allows you to export any simulated trace as "stimulus template" that can be instantly used in HEKA Electronics PatchMaster software as a clamping command.

CESE Plus 2.0 platform
CESE Plus Platform Our most powerful simulation environment yet. Full support for Mac OS X in addition to Windows and Linux, innovative split display for comparison of multiple simulated data traces, data import/export in MS Excel, Axon text files and ASCII tables, powerful cursors to select regions of interest and perform online measurements and statistical analysis, VirtuClamp to simulate voltage clamp and current clamp protocols, and much more.

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Enhanced Simucore models
Simucore Model Library A collection of popular and tested electrophysiological models allow you to simulate action potentials, currents through ion channels and pumps, changes in the intracellular ionic concentrations (including Ca2+ transients), gating parameters and more. Atrial and ventricular cardiac models simulate electrical activity of guinea pig, canine, rabbit and human heart cells. Neuronal and skeletal muscle cell models are also available.